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  1. DJI releases new Osmo Action Camera and we’ve got one to give away!
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DJI releases new Osmo Action Camera and we’ve got one to give away!

The liner, the shell and the hood all have attachment points so the system stays bundled together and the tether strap holds all three pieces to your wrist so no piece drops in to the snow by accident. The gloves are now available now at Cool Photography Gear. Usually a long prime lens like the Nikon mm mounted on a Jobu gimblal head and tripod for those shots where I absolutely require the reach to the subject and a zoom lens like the Nikon VR or VR slung by my side for those times when the action moves in a little closer.

By slung I mean with a black rapid strap which up until now was just a single strap but I recently picked up a double strap as well. I always found the straps that went around my neck after time put a lot of pressure on my neck and became very uncomfortable over time. But with the Black Rapid strap I found the weight distributed across my shoulder to be a lot more comfortable and I can carry it around all day without fatigue from pressure points.

Fast forward to today and I decided to give the Black Rapid Yeti double strap a try. Last time I was in Katmai I so wished that I had an underwater camera available and handy to get right down into a nd below the level of the water when capturing the bears and pools of salmon. Another application I envision which necessitates the dual Black Rapid Yeti strap is when I wish to bring the majesty of the landscape into my images. My second regret while in Katmai shooting the grizzlies was that I often wished I was carrying a much wider angle lens to capture images that accented the bears within the context of the landscape and glaciers.

This new Yeti double strap is very comfortable.

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Both strap lengths are totally adjustable so you can get the cameras to sit right where you want them. I adjust my straps up to almost the shortest length so the cameras sit high up on my hip, any lower and I find they have a tendency to swing a little too much for my liking.

Save With GearBest Coupons and Promo Codes |

As a fun little side experiment, I wanted to see how the strap would do with my Nkon mm VRII attached to the Black Rapid Yeti and to my amazement the weight was very tolerable with a winter jacket on and it was balanced against my hip just fine as shown in the picture above. Note, I have the fastener attached to the foot of the lens NOT the camera body which would out too much strain on the camera mount.

The trick to being ready to shoot quickly. There are two clips that sit on either side of the camera so you can limit the motion of the camera on the strap when not in use. In wildlife photography a matter of seconds can mean missing an opportunity, so I always keep the front clip free moving. I have been considering a drone for use in my wildlife photography for a few months now but wondering just how many practical applications there really are.

I tried it for underwater photography but found the results were lack luster. Perhaps I need to get a little more creative in my approach. This morning I was reading about the Lily Drone. The best part is that there is no need to manually control this drone, you wear a tracking device, throw the Lily Camera in the air and it takes off and follows you wherever you go.


Like most photographers I have no pictures of myself, let alone pictures or videos of me taking pictures of wildlife so I could use the Lily to do a personal documentary if I so chose. How do you use your drone for wildlife photography? Can you envision wildlife photography applications for the Lily Drone? For those of you who have not heard of the Lily Camera you can check it out at www. I like that it is ultra-portable weighing it at 2.

All suggestions welcome please. Those I know shooting with the D4s tell me the new AF rocks. For those considering your first Nikon D please note these new releases generally cause early adopters to sell in favour of the upgrade so keep your eyes open for a good deal on a used body at a reduced price.

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This crazy long list of features is why this glove is already the 1 winter glove in Europe and fortunately it is now available in North America at www. Note: There have been many complaints within the photography community regarding various brands of heat packs, they simply do not retain heat on cold days.

I will be testing The Heat Company hand warmers and foot warmers once the cold weather hits again and I will post another blog on their performance after my tests are complete so stay tuned. My only regret is that it took me 15 years to find these bad boys. The files are. One set is low res px x px and the other is the high res px x px.

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I have three reasons for doing this: It adds a certain elegance and polish to a photograph in my opinion It proves it is my work should others choose to post my images on sites without my permission It adds a small element of protection against the theft of images. Guest - 4 years ago this is the 1st version release Not the model you will want to get. Guest - 4 years ago I wonder how well this would work in a urban environment like downtown where there are a lot of tall buildings , scaffoldings, and obstacles.

If it can manage that then we have a winner. They showed a prototype last fall. Spoofee - 4 years ago Spoofee. Sorry about that, the video link is fixed. Looks cool. Today's Top Deals. Gift Card Deals. Olive Garden.

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